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“hilukara” is an abbreviation of daytime karaoke. “hilukara” is the restaurant it’s possible to do karaoke by the big volume in the daytime where. The daytime when a visitor lives near the store in most cases, leisure middle-aged and elderly Japanese. 
For an individual and between the groups and the first meetings to do karaoke in turn with shop assistant’s directions in the same room, it’s different from a settled karaoke booth in a room.
The cozy karaoke store of the form where one between the stranger sympathizes with music and carries on a dialog moderately while hearing others’ song and telling the song to others in an “hilukara” at noon.
They’re civil to a dialogue between the customers, there isn’t a visitor who roughhouses and storms. Night is different and is the daytime, so it’s because there isn’t a visitor who drinks liquor.
Knowledge is civil with abundant middle-aged and elderly Japanese for a tourist and a foreigner, and very rare space is “hilukara”” in Japan where you can carry on a dialog.
The company established for the purpose of a workshop’s studying a shell and making the “hilukara” by which everyone gathers be widely used at noon from combined company noon.